Release Name: [Tool.-.PC.Game].Sega.Rally.2.CD-DA.CDDA.BGM.Music.Fix.Patch-MDashK

Description: There are a lot of complains out there in the Internetz stating that
	     Sega Rally 2 doesn't play the BGM musics in the PC Version. Well, here's a little FAQ:
	     Sega Rally 2 for PC only plays the BGMs if:
	     	1. The CD2 (Play CD) is inserted in any drive;
	     	2. If you have the internal cable of the drive connected to the motherboard;
	     	   (not the big DATA one, the other little one for CD-AUDIO).
	     	   If not connected to the MoBo, it MUST be connected to the Sound Card PCI board
	     	   or similar;
	     	3. Latest versions of DirectX don't seem to suport very well the CDDA functions of
	     	   the game. Don't know why, since Sonic R, Sonic 3D, Sonic CD, etc. for PC all
	     	   work pretty well.
	     So, to completely remove the problems, here's a little tool I found a couple of
	     months ago. This tool is from some japanese author, but I repacked it to easier
	     installation and better instructions.
	     So, to end the martir of NO BGM CDDA, here you go: Just download and play away
	     with SEGA RALLY 2.

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