Release Name: ESTi MDashK EP * Special Release *

Description: ESTi is a DJ that provides musics and works for DJMAX, EZ2DJ, etc..
             This special compilation I created, is composed of 6 tracks, and features
             some of the most hard-to-get musics created by him. These aren't really
             featured in a specific album, and some of them are not even in any album!
             I used to have these in my 4shared account, but since that's gone, here they
             are in a release-form for you to enjoy. Below's the tracklist:
             01. d-ESTi-nation (Ruby Mix Theme Full Take)
             02. Time Passes By (ESTi's Club Mix)
             03. Blessed (PPS Remix)
             04. Say That U (X-MAS PARAsite Mix 2000)
             05. Involute
             06. Say That U (Bonus Track)

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