Release Name: Pokemon.Play.It.v2.NoCD.Crack-MDashK

 [Release Info]                                                               
 Game:                > Pokemon Play It! Version 2                            
 Year:                > April 2000                                            
 Company:             > Wizards of the Coast, Inc.                            
 Platform:            > PC Windows                                            
 Origin:              > Depends on your Setup CD-ROM or ISO                   
 Language:            > Depends on your Setup CD-ROM or ISO                   
 Release Date:        > 27 Nov. 2010                                          
 Source:              > Retail CD-ROM EXE                                     
 CRC32:               > 1B5C8940                                              
 File Name:           > PlayIt2!.exe                                          
 Size:                > 1,40 MB (1.474.560 bytes)                             
 Notes: I already had released the ISO of the game in 4 RAR parts. But the    
        ISO image of the game was a Retail COPY of the original CD-ROM.       
        So, it has no crack file. You need the CD to play it. Well, not       
        anymore. After installing the game using my released ISO (or any      
        other ISO or CD-ROM of the game), copy the "Resources\Movies" folder  
        from the CD/ISO to the installation directory of the game. Then,      
        copy this crack and replace the original EXE. It's done. Play It!     
 Comments: If you're having problems installing the game, use compatibility   
           mode in the setup EXE. This crack does not have OS restrictions.   
           Works on all WinOS.                                            

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