Release Name: Sonic.Chaos.v1.40-MDashK

Description: A couple of months ago I decided to create a dumper for the
             Sega Master System cartridges. Just for fun. I dumped some of my carts, nothing new.
             But when I dumped my Sonic Chaos cart, I came across something interesting.
             The CRC32 didn't check with any of the known dumps.
             So I ventured myself into HEX viewing the dump, and found out that
             the cart I have is a later revision of the game, somehow unknown until now.
             I'm not really a PRO in hacking nor "checking" Sonic SMS games, like
             checking for bug fixes or anything, but one
             of the differences I noticed, is that Tails sprites are fixed in this
             version. Did you ever noticed that when you look up or when the
             character is in idle, that is Tails get the sprite broken?
             Yeah, I never noticed that too, until I saw this one.
             So here it is for download. Check it yourself.
             BTW: I used this ROM in the Master System Gamez setup of the game.

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