Release Name: [ScreenSaver].Sonic.Adventure.2.-.Dreamcast.-.Sega.Official.[sonic2saver]-MDashK

Description: This is another piece of software that's really hard to find nowadays.
	     Back in the year 2001 when SEGA was creating and releasing Sonic Adventure 2,
	     they provided a original screensaver for download in the oficial website of the game.
	     Unfortunately, the screensaver doesn't quite work anymore. It gives an error
	     stating that the screensaver is expired. Still, you can use the EXE file
	     that the screensaver uses, and use that has a screensaver!
	     Just download the bellow, extract, copy it to your SYSTEM32 directory,
	     and rename it from EXE to SCR.
	     It should show up in the screensaver properties and be selectable.
	     Use the ESC key to exit the screensaver.
	     Sega Sonic Team Oficial. Enjoy.


Copyright © 2010 MDK