Release Name: [SFX].Sonic.Unleashed.[PS2].[PAL].[WAV]-MDashK

Description: These are ALL the Sound Effects (SFX) and most Voices of the game
	     Sonic Unleashed for the PS2. This includes:
	     - English Voices (I have NOT included the ones that are in ADX format inside the DVD-ROM)
	     - Japanese Voices
	     - Enemy Sounds
	     - Sonic Sounds
	     - Eggman Sounds
	     - Environment Sounds
	     - Menu Sounds
	     - Etc., etc., etc...
	     I'm sorry that I have not named all the files correctly, but there are just too many of them.
	     Here's the LOG:
	     Log File Start. All Processes will be Registered.
	     1. Extract/Copy file ONEPS2.AFS from Sonic Unleashed
	     - PAL PS2 Version DVD-ROM. ID number: SLES_553.80
	     2. Open PSound v1.33. Open AFS file in program.
	     3. Perform a "scan file" operation to the AFS file.
	     4. Found 9870 occurences.
	     5. PSound -> Options -> Configure -> Sample Rate: Force to 16000 Hz.
	     6. Select all samples. Convert to WAV.
	     7. Open Easy Duplicate Finder v2.4 program.
	     8. Perform a full scan to the folder containing all the 9870 samples.
	     9. All files where compared using both Byte-by-Byte
	     and CRC32 Checksum + FileSize comparison.
	     10. After the scan, all duplicated files where deleted.
	     11. There are a total of 926 WAV files.

Copyright © 2010 MDK