Release Name: [PC.OS].Microsoft.Windows.99.(98SE.Beta).v4.10.1999.[Nov.1998].[ISO]-MDashK

Description: For some, Windows 99 may be just a myth. Well, it's real. And it's here.
	     If you need a boot disk for this, you can download it below or here.
	     You'll be needing that if you plan on installing this Win99 on
	     a real machine. So go ahead and download.
	     Some Specifications:
	     Operative System: Microsoft Windows 99 
	     Version: 4.10.1999 (Windows 98 Second Edition (SE) Beta)
	     Date: Nov.1998
	     Language: English (But all keyboard layouts are available)
	     Serial: No Serial Needed
	     File System: FAT Only (NTFS Unsupported)

Note: This release used to be featured on the [PC.OS].Microsoft.Windows.Collection-MDashK release. 
      We deleted that one, since nobody was downloading the other versions, and keeped this one.
      So enjoy it.


	Microsoft Windows 99 ISO

	Win99 Boot Disk (VDF Format)

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