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  Game          -  FantaVision
  Year		-  2000
  Company	-  Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (www.scee.com)
  Source	-  Retail DVD-ROM
  Release Date  -  19/09/2010

  Platform      -  Playstation 2 (PS2)
  Origin        -  PAL / Europe
  Serial	-  SCES-50002
  Language      -  Multi5 (English, Frensh, German, Italian and Spanish)

  File Name     -  mdk-fvis
  Size          -  ~1.78GB ISO (1.914.208.256 bytes)

  Notes		-  ISO created with ImgBurn v2.4.2.0. So it's advised to burn this ISO with ImgBurn too.

  Comments      -  Here it is. The European version of FantaVision.
		   This game is quite a rarity nowadays. And the Japanese and American
		   soundtrack of the game sucks to hell. So here you have it.
		   The European soundtrack includes super cool Dance-style beats.
		   For those EuroDance lovers, this is it!
		   So, for a game that initially was supposed to be just a simple tech-demo
		   it turned out pretty good, specially in PAL region. Have fun...



	NFO + 22 parts of 50MB + 1 of 17MB

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