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  Game          -  FantaVision
  Year		-  2000
  Company	-  Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. (Japan)
  Source	-  Internet (Backup CD-ROM)
  Release Date  -  23/11/2010

  Platform      -  Playstation 2 (PS2)
  Origin        -  NTSC / JAP
  Serial	-  SCPS-11002 (also is SLPS-11002. Internal EXE/ELF is PBPX_952.01)
			(For those of you questioning this, open up the ELF of the game
			and go to HEX OFFSET: 03334643. There, you'll find the TEXT: SCPS-11002.)

  Language      -  English and Japanese

  File Name     -  mdk-fvjp
  Size          -  ~690MB BIN/CUE (724.353.024 bytes)

  Notes		-  I got this ISO from a source on the internet.
			This game it's one of the most rare games of PS2.
			So I managed to repack the game has a release and share it in the WWW.
			It's faster and easier to get this way. This is the only FantaVision
			that's on CD. All the later versions are on DVD-ROM.
			Also note that when the games boots up, the logo PARADOX will show up.
			This is because the source CD was a backup released by team PARADOX.
			So remember, this is a REPACK of PARADOX's release. Special Thanks 
			to them. I burned this ISO with ImgBurn v2.4.2.0 to test out. Worked great.
			So I advise you to burn this ISO with ImgBurn too. I also advise you
			to NOT convert the game from CD to DVD, due to the alterations that
			PARADOX did to the original ELF. 90% chance that the converted ISO
			won't work neither on real hardware nor emulator.

  Comments      -  Here it is. One of the most rare PS2 games. FantaVision, japanese version.
			The FIRST version. The VERY FIRST FantaVision.
			I also mentioned in the EUR release that the american and japanese OST
			versions of the game sucks. Well, they're not that bad. Although the
			Futari no FantaVision one is better than this one.
			BTW, for those of you who want to rip the soundtrack, the files with
			the musics are the INT files in the BGM folder. They are:
			RAW PCM Uncompressed, Freq. @ 48000 Hz, No. of Channels is 2 and
			Interleave is 512. Enjoy.



	NFO + 7 parts of 50MB + 1 of 46,5MB

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