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  Game          -  Ghost Hunter
  Style		-  Action / Adventure / Shooter
  Producer	-  Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE)
  Year		-  2003

  Platform      -  Playstation 2 (PS2) (Exclusive)
  Origin        -  PAL / Europe
  Language	-  Multi6 (Both Subtitles and Voices)
  		   English, French, Deutch, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

  File Name     -  mdk-gohu
  Size          -  ~4.19GB ISO

  Notes		-  Burn the ISO with ImgBurn. If using good media DVD, use 8x at will.
  		   Else, you're advised to use 4x or 2.4x.



	27 parts of 100MB + 1 of 25MB

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