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  Game          -  OutRun 2
  Style         -  Arcade / Racing
  Producer      -  SEGA / AM2 / SUMO Digital
  Year          -  2003
  Platform      -  XBOX (Exclusive)
  Origin        -  PAL / Europe and Australia Only
  Language      -  Multi
  File Name     -  mdk-or2
  Size          -  ~7.30GB ISO
  Notes         -  This version is specific to the XBOX 360.
		   If u wanna play in your XBOX One, make sure you know
		   how to re-convert this ISO to XBOX One format.
		   Otherwise use other team rip.
		   Stealth files are also included.
		   These are: DMI.BIN, Original DVD Layout.lyt, PFI.BIN e SS.BIN.



	19 parts of 50MB + 1 of 38MB

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